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News / Mustafa Bozkurt - Yalnızım
Mustafa Bozkurt, Yalnızım
Winner of “O Ses Türkiye” song contest in the previous year, MUSTAFA BOZKURT first singed his new song YALNIZIM”, the first single of his long time expected album, in “O Ses Türkiye” contest. 

Admired widely for his voice and style during the previous contest Mustafa Bozkurt competed in Mustfa Sandal’s team and won the song contest. 

Right after the preperation process, the first album of Mustafa Bozkurt will be released by Avrupa Muzik.  
Supported by Mustafa Sandal, our singer wrote and composed his first single Yalnızım and the song released for radio and digital music streaming.

Mustafa Bozkurt, Yalnızım

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